Chicken with Sage and Milk

I’m often asked what’s my favourite dinner? A difficult question to answer - especially for someone with so many favourite dishes. After some thought I usually plum for “duck”. Well, what’s not to love about duck? Anyway, I shouldn’t get started on duck, that’s another story, and this post is about chicken.

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Roast Fennel, Caramelised Lemon and Blood Orange Salad

My daughter Hayley loves fennel - but only cooked, never, never raw. Me, I’ll eat it however it comes. Anyway, I decided not to be selfish and came up with a fennel salad to pleased us both.

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Roasted Lamb Rack with Peperonata

This deliciously light dish makes the perfect Summer meal. It works well for a couple or a crowd. I like to serve this with some crispy, roasted potatoes. Although it needs nothing else, I’ve chosen to add some strips of chargrilled zucchini. They look so pretty and taste wonderful too.

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