Secret Beach

Over many years, our family has enjoyed summer and winter breaks with our friends Diana and Paul and their children, at their cottage in Nords Wharf. Originally a small fishing village, and still pretty small, it sits on Lake Macquarie about ninety minutes drive north from Sydney. It’s a quiet place with not a lot to do… suits us, and only a tiny general store, where you can buy milk and bread, but not much else. Our visits there these days are now mostly without the children. We eat and drink, have afternoon naps, and always, no matter what the weather, take long lazy walks along the beach.

Last summer, instead of our usual walk along Catherine Hill Bay, we ventured a further 30 minutes down the coast, and discovered a secret beach; “Ghosties”. You might see the odd rider exercising his horse, a lady and her dog, a surfer enjoying a wave, or people like us who just want to walk, wading through the rock pools, looking for barnacles and shells, and basically chilling out.

But most of the time you are alone with your thoughts, a salty wind in your face and the sound of waves crashing on the shore. There are not too many places on the coast left untouched any more, so we are enjoying this beautiful beach while it is still, almost secret.