Under the olive tree in Saint Remy de Provence

Under the olive tree in Saint Remy de Provence

Tracy Wood

Food, food styling and, in fact, anything to do with food is my passion… and my life.

After a short stint as an art director in an advertising agency, I was lucky enough, to be able to embrace my first love - food. When I was still in my early twenties, I successfully launched my own catering company, and was fortunate to have a client list that went from global merchant banks and national jewellery retailers, to well-heeled private individuals with a taste for the finer things in life; or maybe they were just too lazy to cook for themselves. 

Not quite doing an about face, but sort of back in advertising, a few years later I made the transition to food styling for television and magazine. At last I’d found my niche, and I’ve loved being a food stylist ever since. I’ve always found it hugely rewarding and great fun, with some wonderfully creative people to partner with on these projects. 

When I’m not professionally engaged, I just do it for fun, because the world of food is this ever changing, always fascinating, and never boring place to socialise. And because food is not just fuel for your body, but a sharing experience that brings people together, I like taking every opportunity to share food stories, recipes, inspiration and images with other like-minded foodies. 

And now finally, the internet and social media has afforded me yet another way to share my food experiences. So here we go, join our table… and enjoy.

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